Toasted Mushrooms, Preserved Red Chilies and Cheese Sliders

Winter is in its last leg which means red chilli peppers are soon going to go out of season. This led me to buy them in bulk and look for ways to preserve them. Having made chili garlic chutney a couple of times, I wanted to try something new and found this really easy wayContinue reading “Toasted Mushrooms, Preserved Red Chilies and Cheese Sliders”

Hand-Cut Sweet Potato Fries

Who doesn’t like potato fries? I mean, it’s the perfect snack for a lazy glutton like me. It’s also always an easy way for kids to get some food in their tummy with no tantrums. 😀 Whenever I ate fries at a restaurant, I was always curious to know how they’re so nicely cut andContinue reading “Hand-Cut Sweet Potato Fries”

Roasted Corn on the Cob | Street Style Bhutta

My earliest memory of having roasted corn on the cob/bhutta is on the street side; mostly during my travels, while coming back home from my boarding school in the hills. The weather would be chilly and I’d see the vendor roasting fresh corncobs over coal, airing it out to give it a perfectly charred flavorContinue reading “Roasted Corn on the Cob | Street Style Bhutta”

Sweet Corn and Cheese Chili Fritters

These fritters are definitely for people who are fond of spicy food. The heat from the fresh green chilies hits you right on the palate combined with the sweetness coming from the corn kernels and onions along with the mellow flavor of mozzarella cheese. They all blend really well with each other resulting into anContinue reading “Sweet Corn and Cheese Chili Fritters”

Yellow Lentil Savory Bites

Eating lentils (dal) everyday can get really monotonous and boring food in the Indian household, especially with children. It is very difficult to make them eat healthy foods. That is when imagination comes in. These savory bites are completely a different form of your regular dal. They are super soft, easy to make and completelyContinue reading “Yellow Lentil Savory Bites”

Vegetarian Hot Dogs smothered in cheese and Baked Beans Sauce

The latest match between Brazil and Germany couldn’t get more interesting. With Germany entering the finals, fans around the world are all geared up to see a crushing victory again. Alongside all this built up excitement amongst enthusiastic fans, finger foods are a must while watching a match. What better way to enjoy a match,Continue reading “Vegetarian Hot Dogs smothered in cheese and Baked Beans Sauce”

Easy Hard-Shell Tacos with Papadums/Papad

I love hard shell tacos. The crunchiness, juiciness – the combination with all the cheese and the fresh veggies…. It is like a circus going on in your mouth! 😉 Without doubt it is a messy and fun snack to devour. It has been quite a while since I’ve been meaning to make this delightfulContinue reading “Easy Hard-Shell Tacos with Papadums/Papad”

Toasted Veggie Rice Paper Rolls with Sweet Chili Dip

Making rice paper rolls was a first timer for me. It is a lot easier to prepare than I thought it would be. I was a little hesitant about the rolling bit, but frankly speaking it wasn’t bad at all.  More importantly, they taste delicious. I tried to make them in 2-3 different styles. IContinue reading “Toasted Veggie Rice Paper Rolls with Sweet Chili Dip”

Easy Homemade Nacho Chips

Who wouldn’t like to munch on something so delicious, so satisfying, so crunchy —> CHIPS? Well, at least I am sure, not someone who is reading this post. 😉  I think, sometimes it is okay to nibble on the so called ‘not so healthy food’. Right? I mean, it reminds you of so many gloriousContinue reading “Easy Homemade Nacho Chips”

Rajma (Red Kidney Beans) Cutlets

Rajma is a North Indian dish; consisting of red kidney beans in a thick gravy, prepared with various spices, onions, green chilies ginger, garlic, etc. and it is mostly eaten with rice. You can replace Rajma curry with boiled red kidney beans (wash them properly and soak in water for about an hour and pressureContinue reading “Rajma (Red Kidney Beans) Cutlets”