Pizza Muffins at Home | No Yeast Dough

This recipe sure has many steps to complete, but pizza being on the top of my food list forever, I was willing to go through an hour of preparation and cooking time. I feel these savory muffins can also pass off as a good snacking option if you’re looking for individual portions.

Rice Vermicelli Tossed in Fresh Veggies and Chili Bean Sauce | Full Meal

Somehow, having meals in a bowl is more comforting and tasteful for me or maybe I’m just plain lazy, haha! I think that’s why noodles is always on the top of my favorite foods list. If I come across an authentic Southeast Asian store, I make sure to surf around and pick up something withContinue reading “Rice Vermicelli Tossed in Fresh Veggies and Chili Bean Sauce | Full Meal”

Quick Pasta With Baked Beans And Cheese

This recipe here is super quick and easy to prepare. Perfect for a lazy day, when you’re not in the mood to do much prep for your mid-day meal or supper. Pasta is that one ingredient that always saves you from all the labor you would have to go through otherwise. In addition to this,Continue reading “Quick Pasta With Baked Beans And Cheese”

Pad Thai | Vegetarian | Full Meal

There’s nothing better than a good bowl of noodles. It’s both comforting and wholesome, especially during winters; making it a great binge food. It’s definite that I’m going to have an itch to prepare noodle bowls more frequently than usual. So let’s get cooking one noodle at at a time. 🙂 Pad Thai is aContinue reading “Pad Thai | Vegetarian | Full Meal”

Soya Burger With Chilli Garlic Hung-Curd Dip At Home | Full Meal

Digging into burgers is always a messy affair and why shouldn’t it be? I don’t think it would be a fun meal without the mess. 😀 You have to indulge yourself in the whole experience to really enjoy the goodness. No wonder, it’s most people’s favorite food because of the very same reason, especially withContinue reading “Soya Burger With Chilli Garlic Hung-Curd Dip At Home | Full Meal”

Vegetable Stir-Fry Noodles in Hoisin Sauce

Think of noodles and you instantly associate it with comfort, right? Well, at least a food lover will definitely agree with me. 😀 Best part about a stir-fry noodle recipe is that it doesn’t require any fixed ingredients. You’re free to use any fresh vegetables sitting in your fridge or of course whatever your tasteContinue reading “Vegetable Stir-Fry Noodles in Hoisin Sauce”

Pita Pockets with Homemade Pita Bread – (No Oven, No Yeast)

The best part about homemade pita pockets is that all the ingredients can easily be found in an Indian kitchen. Hence, one doesn’t have to make the effort to go out and gather any special items for the recipe. It’s also a good change from your regular curries and chapati. Even though it takes aContinue reading “Pita Pockets with Homemade Pita Bread – (No Oven, No Yeast)”

Stir-fried Vegetables with Buttered Rice & Black Pepper Sauce

We’re all in a situation where ordering from restaurants is not a norm anymore or at least until we’re able to flatten the curve in terms of COVID-19 cases. The only way to satiate your food cravings is to head to the kitchen and put on the chef’s hat. That’s how my flatmates and IContinue reading “Stir-fried Vegetables with Buttered Rice & Black Pepper Sauce”

Vegetable Hakka Noodles in Chili Lemon Sauce

There are several ingredients you can add to your noodles. It all depends on the taste that you are looking for at that point of time. For now, chili lemon sauce sounded good in my head,  so I thought of giving it a try. It turned out great. The recipe was flavorsome and nutritious tooContinue reading “Vegetable Hakka Noodles in Chili Lemon Sauce”