Homemade Cream Cheese Dips | 2 Ways | DIY Ingredients

Dips come into the picture when we want to binge on munchies, which means we also got to be prepared for that feeling of excessive calorie intake, heaviness and guilt creeping in! Well, there’s no reason to feel guilty no more because these dips are made with fresh homemade cream cheese, therefore, you have theContinue reading “Homemade Cream Cheese Dips | 2 Ways | DIY Ingredients”

Fresh Tomato and Chilli Jam at Home | DIY Ingredients

Ending 2020 with a blend of sweet and spice just like how the year went by; a whirlwind of mixed emotions. This jam here has a sweet and peppery taste with a slight bite to it. If you’re looking for a smooth texture, feel free to blend the tomatoes and chilli pepper into a smoothContinue reading “Fresh Tomato and Chilli Jam at Home | DIY Ingredients”

Chocolate Christmas Shapes With Dark and White Chocolate At Home | DIY Ingredients

Making melted chocolate shapes is a great way to decorate your own cakes. Make dark chocolate decorations or white chocolate shapes. Feel free to add in color to your white chocolate for Christmas tree, reindeer, snowman, etc. It’s a fun and easy method for decoration on chocolate cake. So go ahead and involve your familyContinue reading “Chocolate Christmas Shapes With Dark and White Chocolate At Home | DIY Ingredients”

Mustard Sauce At Home | DIY Ingredients

Mustard is a superfood, packed with immense flavor in all its forms, be it leaves, seeds, oil, or even a sauce for that matter. When it comes to using this superfood in the kitchen, I find joy in making my ingredients from scratch as opposed to buying them from the supermarket. The best part isContinue reading “Mustard Sauce At Home | DIY Ingredients”

Garlic and Basil Hung Curd Dip

I would totally call this a lazy person’s style of dip. All one requires is hungry taste buds that help you add your favorite set of ingredients to a plain bowl of hung curd. This dip is refreshing; definitely very quick and easy to make. Use it as an early morning sandwich spread, or haveContinue reading “Garlic and Basil Hung Curd Dip”

Green Cabbage Kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional side dish (banchan) of Korea. It is basically fermented cabbage pickled with chili powder, garlic and a few other ingredients. Traditionally, nappa cabbage (Baechu) and Korean chili pepper (gochugaru) is used for making Kimchi. Unfortunately, they are not available in my town; so I decided I could try making it withContinue reading “Green Cabbage Kimchi”

Cayenne Pepper Garlic Chutney

I have clearly fallen in love with this chutney. As soon as one batch gets over, I yearn to make another batch of this delicious super delicious goodness. It is mildly spicy and full of flavor. Serve it up with your favorite munchies or use it as a spread. I bet it will go wellContinue reading “Cayenne Pepper Garlic Chutney”

Chaat Masala at Home

Chaat Masala, is basically a combination of a variety of spices, giving it a sweet, salty, tangy taste. WOW! Imagine such a burst of flavors in your mouth!! Mmmm… Dry Mango Powder and Black Salt are the key ingredients responsible for the zingy taste, (Chatpata– as we call it here in India) that pushes youContinue reading “Chaat Masala at Home”

Homemade Cream Cheese

It has been quite a while since I’ve been looking for a way to make easy cream cheese. Fortunately, I did come across good articles on the internet which led me to create a nice cream cheese recipe for myself. I tried Mango Cheesecake & Chocolate Cheesecake with the same recipe. This is what you’llContinue reading “Homemade Cream Cheese”

Bread from scratch

Just about two weeks ago, I began blogging (gaining motivation from Likhte Likhte, who also happens to be my friend 🙂 ) and I can happily say that it has been a really joyful experience so far. In my initial days, I stumbled upon Daily Post’s Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better BlogContinue reading “Bread from scratch”