Hearty Impression Sandwich

Start your day in a different way. What say? 😉


This particular idea just came to me out of the blue! I think it is quite a fun way to pep up the way your sandwich looks. 😉 Give your plain sandwich slice a new twist. You can use different cookie-cutter shapes, involve kids in the kitchen! I am pretty sure they will enjoy making it too…I have used garlic bread here along with a savory filling!

How about dipping your cookie cutter in chocolate sauce for a chocolate (Nutella) sandwich! Dip it in jam for the PBJ Sandwich! I think options become limitless once you begin to use your imagination.


This is what you will need :-


Slices of bread

Sandwich Filling- Tomato, spinach, cottage cheese cubes, onion, butter, green chili, 1 tsp fresh cream, 1 tsp tomato chili sauce, oregano seasoning, salt and black pepper

Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutter



  • Dip your cookie cutter into ketchup and place it on your slice HALF way through.



  • Place one slice in your non-stick pan. Spread the filling and cover it with another slice. Toast on both sides and serve.



If you are making it for someone special– just for fun you can cut it in two halves and ask them to join it… Just like a fun message! 😉


Enjoy! 🙂

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