Gooey Goodness

A sandwich is so versatile a food, that it cannot really have a fixed recipe. You can top a slice of bread with plain butter and it would count as a meal for breakfast. This is probably one of the reasons why I personally love bread so much. I can relish it at anytime of the day. It is my first sandwich post and I have made an attempt to prepare a picture recipe this time. Hence, I have made a very basic CHEESE (hmmm so, here is the little gooey secret 😉 ) sandwich. So, do pour in your thoughts. That way it will encourage me to improve on it and make better picture recipes. 🙂 So here goes:



A loaf of bread

Mozzarella Cheese


Cottage Cheese

Sautéed Scallions

Green Chili

Freshly Ground Pepper

Salt to taste








I also had some leftover jeera (cumin seeds) rice. I put that into the previous mixture. It turned out quite well.



I hope you guys have fun making it and of course, digging into it. :p

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